Delivery Information

When leaving the order the client will receive an e-mail to the mail direction that has put in the delivery direction. In the case of not receiving this mail, please it verifies that the direction is the correct one or that the given mail is not in the tray different from the one from entrance of the mail (sweepings), in any case can be put in contact with us sending an e-mail to

The purchases will be distributed by NACEX to the delivery direction, verifies that the direction is correct before realising the purchase, if for whatever reason needs to modify any data, is put in contact with us sending an e-mail to us to the direction, informing than needs to change.

When the payment of the purchase is received, this will be prepared as soon as possible. The orders are prepared of Monday through Friday and leave the same day before the 16:00 hours. If an order is received after the 16:00 hours, this prefor the labor following day.

If the payment is realised by means of transference the delivery can be delayed enters 2 and 3 days, following the bank. In order to make agile the process, you can send us the voucher of the transference to the direction.


Shipment Expenses

Next we offer a table to him of reference with the expenses considered of shipment for an average package of up to 1 kg of weight.



Shipment Expenses (Calculated by 1 kg)

Spain and Portugal peninsular

Delivery: 24 hours laboral days.

Shipping expenses:

  • Orders less than 50 €: 5.20 €
  • Orders more than 50 €: Free Shipping

Baleares Islands

Delivery: 4/5 labour days

Shipping expenses: 

  • Orders less than 50 €: 6.80 €
  • Orders more than 50 €: 1.60 €


Delivery: 2/3 labour days

Shipping expenses: 

  • Orders less than 50 €: 13.93 €
  • Orders more than 50 €: 8.72 €

Austria, Belgium, France (except islands), Holland, Italy (except islands)

Luxembourg, United Kingdom (except islands)

Delivery: 3/5 labour days

Shipping expenses: 

  • Orders less than 50 €: 16.09 €
  •  Orders more than  50 €: 10.89 €